Property Management, Marketing and Rentals - Century City

We provide three types of property management services which include, an exclusive property management and rental services, non-exclusive rental services and long term rental services.

Exclusive Property Management and Rental Services:

We provide a complete property management solution. This option is by far the most lucrative as it is a comprehensive strategy that gives you and your property a complete solution to making great returns in the short term rental market.

Services include:

  • A comprehensive and exclusive management of a overall strategy, aggressive online marketing and pricing.
  • Professional photography that provides effective brand creation for your property.
  • Media services that includes write ups, copy writing, search engine optimization.
  • Creation of online calendar system.
  • Checklists for property maintenance and inventory.
  • Monthly reporting and owner accounts statements.
  • 24 hour servicing by experienced agents to ensure effective turnaround, processing and property bookings.
  • Laundry and property cleaning services.
  • Personal Client check-in services.

Non Exclusive Rental Service:

A non Exclusive Property Management service provides you, as the property owner, the opportunity to use our comprehensive marketing strategy with our reservation platform only. If management services are required for a specific booking it will be individually charged.

Services include:

  • Creation of property listing and brand creation on our various websites which includes professional photos and copy writing for marketing purposes.
  • Plug in to an online availability calendar.
  • You take management of your own calendar in conjunction with our booking dates.