Luhambo Tours

Western Cape, Cape Town , Century City


Every Capetonian will tell you that a holiday in the stunning Western Cape of South Africa is not complete unless it includes a day of wine tasting adventures, which is a well loved tradition with many locals and a treat for any visiting tourist. Cape Town is famous for its fabulous and inspired wine routes and stunning vineyards, and also for the many local and famous winemakers with evident passion and talent in producing some world class wines. Cape Town's wine routes are best enjoyed through a tour guide if you are not familiar with the areas and also want to participate in wine tastings and wine pairings without having to worry about driving or arranging a cab - Luhambo Tours, translating to "Journey Tours" in English, is all about the providing the best journey and most memorable experience to its guests. All you have to do is be ready for a day of absolute bliss. Luhambo offers a selection of differant tours conducted by experienced and friendly guides who are passionate about Cape Town and wine, and ready to show you the very best time while you make wonderful holiday memories.


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