Kites Nest Kite-Surfing

Western Cape, Cape Town , Sunset Beach


Whether you want to learn this exhilarating water sport for fun, or would like to show off your newly learnt skills against professionals, the Kites Nest Kite Surfing facility has you covered. Expert Kite-surfing lessons through Kites Nest guarantees a balance of fun and exercise, and makes use of top of the range headzone radio helmets to ensure constant contact with your instructor, allowing for fast and continuous improvement and easy learning. The experienced team of instructors are passionate about water sports and have a vast knowledge in teaching interested individuals.

Kite-surfing along the sandy shores and icy blue Atlantic ocean waters of Sunset Beach will offer you perfect wind conditions and stunning views of Table Mountain, a wonderful adventure available to anyone between the ages of 12 to 60. Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.


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